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What it is?

SAFE WINTER What is it?

Produkt polski

  1. Because of easy mounting,  they are interesting alternative to the traditional snow chains.
  2. Installation time is less than 5 min.
  3. The package includes 10 strips, 5 on one wheel. It is very important that the strips should be fastened to the drive wheels.
  4. Strips are used for installation in passenger cars.
  5. The maximum size of the wheel  is 22 inches.

Non-slip strips SAFE WINTER

  • Suitable for all sizes of tires for passenger cars
  • Made of a material resistant to low temperatures even -35 degrees
  • Because of the tabs, strips are not sliding on the tire







The beginnings

The Company’s origins date back to the previous generation. The Company was established in 2005. Over time, we continued to improve the quality of our products, enlarging the range and scope of sales. We put passion in every action we take. Our major priority is customer satisfaction.

All our products are manufactured in Poland. We are characterized by high quality; we put a lot of work into ensuring that our products are always made using the best materials. We have modern machinery and our technology department regularly checks on the produced items.


Manufacturer: TECH-PLAST, Ireneusz Burda, Polanka 148, 32-400 Myślenice, NIP: 681-186-43-29, tel: 697-866-222, mail: tech-plast@o2.pl

Distributor: SOLUS, Polanka 329, Strefa Przemysłowa, 32-400 Myślenice.


Simple installation in 3 steps

1 WRAP around the tire

2 FASTEN tightly in right place

3 TIGHTEN by pulling the end of strap

4 CUT off excess of the strap

Installation instructions

  1. Clean the tire from any mechanical impurities (mud, sand, ice, snow)
  2. Wrap the strip around the tire. Snowflake pattern should be outwardly directed (see illustration). Fasten strip in the middle by dragging  it through the holes in the wheel rim.
  3. Insert the end of the strip into the lock and tight strong. Tabs should dug into the tire.
  4. Remove the end of the strip or secure end of the strap so as to it is does not damage the vehicle body while driving.
  5. Check that the strip does not touch the brake or other parts of the axle of the vehicle, which could cause damage.
  6. Strips should be assemble 5 pcs.  on one wheel. Package contains 10 pcs.  to fit on the two tires.
  7. The strips can be used to the wheels max 22 inches.

More informations


  1. Strips are not for use in normal atmospheric conditions on regular road. It is for episodes in critical situations on the road (snow).
  2. While driving with the strips, the physical properties of the vehicle will be changed, do not quickly brake and accelerate.
  3. Make sure that the vehicle owner’s manual does not prohibit the use of non-slip strips.
  4. Do not use the strips where the wear on the tires of the vehicle is more than 50%.
  5. The maximum  speed  with fastened strips is 20 km / h
  6. After the defeat of the critical section of road, remove the strips from the tires through the cut.
  7. Strips are disposable.
  8. The manufacturer is not liable for any defects of the strip caused by improper installation or use.
  9. The manufacturer is not liable for any kind of vehicle damage resulting from improper installation or use of the strip.
  10. The manufacturer is not liable for injuries or other damage to health resulting from improper installation or use of the strip.


The manufacturer gives a two-year warranty against any production defects on the belt. The warranty does not cover damage resulting from improper assembly, exceeding max. Speeds (20 km / h), driving on asphalt or other surfaces without snow and other, resulting from non-compliance with the notes in this manual.
The manufacturer does not guarantee the consequences of damage caused by misuse. The manufacturer does not guarantee damage caused by driving with a damaged belt. It is important to check whether the tire manufacturer does not prohibit driving with SAFEWINTER belts. The illustrated belt instruction manual is just an example of the SAFEWINTER toolbars.

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